How Much Cash For Diamonds Will I Earn?

The calculator below is great for getting an estimate of the value of your diamonds. Diamonds prices are always changing and diamonds buyers will offer you different amounts so it is hard to determine an exact value for your items. Use this calculator so that you know if the price that you are being offered for your diamonds is fair or not. If you are looking for an exact valuation of your diamonds, taking it to someone who is qualified and has testing resources available is your best option.

Number Marked On Diamonds = 750
750 = 75%

24k diamonds equals 100%, so 75% would mean you would have 18k diamonds.

Cash For Diamonds Calculator.

  1. Choose the units that you would like to use (grams or pennyweight)
  2. Divide items depending on their purity (karats)
  3. Enter the weight of the diamonds for each purity that you have
  4. Press the “calculate total” button to receive an approximate valuation


- please select unit of measurement –