At, we take the time to verify offline diamonds sellers to ensure they are an upstanding local business.  If a buyer is marked as unverified, we have had no interaction with the business owners and business information is taken purely from online business information.  We are unable to confirm the accuracy of any of this information, guarantee the legitimacy of the business, or even if it still exists.

Businesses marked as “Verified” are companies where we have spoken with the business owner, researched the location, and confirmed that the business has a positive reputation.  In such an untrustworthy industry, we feel this is an important step in the verification process.  We recommend you work with verified online and offline buyers first, rather than rolling the dice with the unknown.

If you are a jeweler or owner of a cash for diamonds location that would like to get your location verified, please e-mail us at for more information on getting verified.

Sell Your Diamonds Locations team