Uses for Diamonds

5 Unique Uses of Diamonds Other Than Jewelry

When we think or talk about diamonds, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the glimmering necklaces, the beautiful pair of earrings, and the one of a kind engagement ring. What we don’t realize is that due to the diamond’s unique and superior strength qualities, they are essential components of other sectors beyond luxury jewelry.

Want to know other real-world applications for diamonds? You’re in the right place!

#1 Industrial Uses for Diamonds

Most diamonds mined lack the quality needed to become gemstones. As a result, 80% of all rough diamonds go towards industrial applications – the most common use of diamonds outside fine jewelry. 

Due to a diamond’s naturally remarkable strength and unique properties, they are beneficial at cutting, drilling, and polishing tools. Many industries, including military and automotive, use diamond drills and saws. Small diamond particles are added to drill bits and saw edges to make them more potent for cutting sturdy materials. The gas and oil industry is a significant consumer of diamonds. Only diamonds are hard enough to drill deep through the layers of rock trapping gas and oil effectively.  

It’s impressive to learn how these precious gems, which we commonly associate with luxury, are found in some of the hardest and roughest factories around the globe.

Diamonds are also used to polish and cut other diamonds when it comes to jewelry making.

It’s worth noting that industrial diamonds are “poor quality” diamonds – they aren’t the same diamonds you’ll find on royal crowns or celebrity necklaces. They aren’t worth nearly as much as the diamonds used in fine jewelry.

#2 Diamond Beauty Products

While we’ve heard about these luxury and expensive diamond-based products from well-known celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mila Kunis, and Kim Kardashian, they are not limited to celebrities only.

Many beauty companies have started to offer diamond-based products such as diamond flecked spray, serums, BB masks, nail varnish, shampoos, exfoliators, and more. It turns out that diamond dust offers some potential benefits. With its exfoliating and illuminating properties, it is believed that the high concentration of diamond dust is required to seal and reduce wrinkles completely.

With diamonds, say goodbye to aging! At least that’s what these companies would like you to believe.

#3 Diamonds and Health

The abilities of diamonds go beyond their beauty. Diamonds have proved to have potential health benefits. According to recent studies, nanodiamonds – the tiny diamond particles – have a series of health benefits and are used extensively for medicinal purposes. One of them is the ability to help treat cancer.

It has been discovered that these nanodiamonds are compatible with human cells and have a high effectiveness rate. Due to its reflective properties, they can be fused with chemotherapeutic chemicals to monitor the progression of the cell in a controlled manner. Researchers hope that in the near future, nanodiamond patches can replace today’s intense chemotherapy and cause less harm to the patients. 

Thanks to the diamond’s remarkable relationship with light, researchers are also considering using diamonds for the visually impaired. Researchers are testing them as a potential solution for eye implants and bionic eyes.

Another interesting use is at the dentist. Strange, right? Since diamonds enable smoother cutting, dentists use tools tipped with diamonds to polish dental work and to fill cavities. It’s perfect for precise, seamless, and faster cuttings.

#4 Diamonds and Electronic Applications

Since diamonds inherently have a high level of thermal conductivity, they can be used in many possible applications for electronics and computers to prevent delicate parts from getting spoilt from sun heat rays. 

Their extremely high heat conductivity ( which is far more than copper, aluminum, or steal) makes them excellent in heat sinks, and researchers are even exploring their properties for quantum supercomputers. The idea is to pattern diamond sheets with small nitrogen-filled holes so that processors can store millions of times more information than the traditional silicon processors.  

#5 Audio Equipment With Diamonds

Have you ever wondered why some of the best speakers are so expensive? 

Audiophiles say that industrial-grade diamonds enhance the performance of high-quality speakers. The diamond’s stiff-coned material can vibrate at a very high speed without affecting the sound quality. As a result, diamonds are used in high-quality record players and DJ equipment.

From cosmetics to construction and from stereos to hospitals, diamonds are proving their worth. When De Beers came up with the slogan ‘Diamonds are Forever’ in 1947,  they were referring to the gem as a symbol of love. But as one of the hardest and durable substances on earth, diamonds may literally last forever – whether it’s on your ring finder or deep in an oil well.

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