Uses for Diamonds

5 Unique Uses of Diamonds Other Than Jewelry

When we think or talk about diamonds, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the glimmering necklaces, the beautiful pair of earrings, and the one of a kind engagement ring. What we don’t realize is that due to the diamond’s unique and superior strength qualities, they are essential components of other sectors beyond luxury jewelry.

Want to know other real-world applications for diamonds? You’re in the right place!

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5 Fun Facts About Diamonds

 Of all the precious natural stones available in the world, nothing quite tickles a woman’s fancy than diamonds, particularly when it comes to engagement rings. As it is April’s birthstone, we thought it fitting to list some fun facts about this precious, much-coveted gem.

1. Diamonds Weren’t Always as Popular as They Are Now

Diamonds were not always the gem of choice when it came to jewelry, particularly engagement rings. It was only in the last century when it gained its reputation as the most popular gemstone used for jewelry. Ruby was the gem of choice, mainly when it came to engagement rings.

vintage art deco ring

So how did diamonds outrank rubies in popularity?

One word, marketing.

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The Cullinan Diamond Before Cutting

Where Were the Largest Diamonds Ever Discovered?

When it comes to diamonds, nothing quite strikes as much awe in people than carat size– especially when viewed at face value. Sure, there are many factors that people consider when purchasing a diamond and most buyers would balance out the 4cs (carat weight, cut, color, and clarity) depending on their budget and personal preference. Some people might prefer a smaller diamond and choose to prioritize instead, it’s color (or lack thereof) and its clarity whereas others might not mind a few inclusions and a lower color grade in exchange for carat weight, which determines its physical size depending on the cut.  Read more